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À propos de texte alternatifs à des images

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Notes about words, language, semantics after reading A.

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I kind of recall having found those words
rather disturbing the first time
i heard them…

Reflecting links which are hard to find within companies,
nowadays organizations and also feeling like rewriting meaning on the fly.

Hard to find ➡ Of course, personal feeling
Rewriting meaning ➡ In spite of spoken languages continuous evolution

Words are sometimes like smoke and mirrors and the absence
of words also speaks volume for themselves 
There is one size fits all solution. 🤷🏼 🎰 🎲

Talking out loud or asynchronously
has the benefit of sometimes bringing
some consensus eventually.

This conversation brought memories of a listener,
having curiosity with regard to how words
could be turned into something else entirely.

Hear around 56:55



À propos de difficultés rencontrées lors de la lecture de textes…

…susceptibles de comporter des caractères spéciaux

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Suite à la publication ci-dessous de H.

Voici une réaction de ma part en date du 3 septembre 2022 et déplacée ici :
Il semblerait qu'il y ait autant de cas de figures
que de dossiers médicaux et d'accompagnements.

Exemple découvert au hasard de lecture d'une enfilade :



In reply to @AurelieVache

I believe and I hope that we'll get over it
even though we'll probably have
to go through some «re-normalization» first…

The sooner we'll get that
playing doesn't equate with kindergarten,
I'm sure education will make a shift.

Probably there as usual not evenly distributed.

At the uni (~2006, we used to talk about serious games with second life etc.),
we had classes about modeling the campus in 3D
for having students having classes remotely.
It died hard…
We were clearly not ready at the time.

Today there is Meta and the likes..
That's why I don't know what to think anymore 🤷🏼

I believe there are sweet spots, moments.

Perhaps, some of the youngest generations developed habits wrt playing,
video games (available from mobiles devices)
not unlike japanese folks reading mangas
for all different types of literature in the subway
(unless I'd put too much confidence in urban myths).

What we couldn't do, they (some of the youngest folks) might be able to.

➡ More visual books please! 😊




How does POSSE help with publication? 😌

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Approx. reading time: ~1 min
Readers I had in mind, while drafting:
Whoever is still around at the end of this day
(it was Friday at the time of writing this message),
and yes it IS the week-end💃🏼!


👋🏼 Hey Folks,

😅 ➡ me laughing nervously
*but* not that nervously.

I think I might have just figured
how to (efficiently) destroy
parts of the work poured
into writing posts around
for the past two weeks or so…

… Just (partially) kidding,
I should have some backup somewhere
(or so I think 🤔).
Would you have backup somewhere perhaps?

I might need few hours, days (maybe?)
to recover the contents.

As long as developers (who said human beings? nah)
make estimates... one might never know.

I'm truly deeply sorry for losing comments
and warm welcoming reactions
in the process though.

It was really not my intent to have everything wiped out.
Or maybe my inner child tricked me
in thinking those network issues
reported by LinkedIn UI were harmless.

In the newsfeed I didn't want to see one post
for each comment that I was extracting
from (long) ones, I had written lately.
That's why I was trying to split terribly long comments
into two-or-three lines long comments.
(the funny? thing is I don't know why anymore).

Apparently removing said publications
(expressed by the UI as affecting the *fact*
that I had commented out something),
did remove related posts themselves
and quite effectively to say the least.

I guess the original issue here
was located between the keyboard and the chair as
they usually are.

Let us see how long it takes
to «rollback» two weeks
of posts published like clockwork.

I'd say I've got an advantage here.

Some of you might remember that I mentioned
POSSE about two weeks ago?

P ublish
O n your own
S ite
S yndicate
E lsewhere

That's one of IndieWeb (independant web) fundamental principles.

This post has been published the first time on LinkedIn on the 19th of August 2022.


How to care about technology watch in a healthy way? 💅🏼🛠

2 min read

Approximate reading time: ~8 min
Readers I had in mind, while drafting:
 • craft·wo·men looking for longed-for life-work balance
Overall progress in this series: 2/4


🗣📢 Dear Fellow Professionals,

📃🎁 Today I would like to share with you
a 2nd publication in a series of four articles.

🕯 📚 This article is a personal story about
how and why I came to approach
Software Technology Watch the way I did
over the last 10 years or so.

🪡🧘🏼 Besides, this story forms part of a
broader tailored-made self-education process,
deemed bearable enough with regard to mental health
in the context of my line of work since 2009.
Why now? Well, I've started very recently
to feel comfortable enough to talk about it.

😰💆🏼 At the risk of stating the obvious,
TechWatch ought to be addressed methodically
so that one’s mental health doesn't get out of balance
before being fully compromised
(read full-blown burnout 🔥 here).

In this article, I'll try to provide some answers
in response to three non-trivial questions.

This post has been originally shared on LinkedIn on the 18th of August,
before being destroyed by mistake and
being published again on LinkedIn on the following day


Assembling views with The Grid

1 min read

After reading the Grid FAQ again and again, I still feel uncertain about what really is...
A template engine? Data analytics APIs? Robot swarm? Next (ancient) series of programming paradigms?

I just became what they're calling a "founding member" ( Let us call it a sort of "personal venture" ^_ 

Who said has no real use cases (ouch, the transaction has not yet been confirmed, since blockchain verification takes a bit longer than traditional transations)? 

By the way, there is a very complete presentation of the topic by @paulgreg at Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

doesn't always come free of charge and of course, we're quite far from Mars exploration.

*EDIT* I've added a page about The Grid ( to the project wiki.