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À propos de texte alternatifs à des images

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From Prison To Programming with Rick Wolter

L'une de mes émissions (tech)? préférées :

  • avec pépites historiques exclusives 🧮
  • qualité au top 🤌🏼,
  • re-transcriptions ✍🏼 et
  • liens 🔗

@corecursive par @adamgordonbell et
invité·e·s récurrents  !

Par exemple avec la dernière émission en date intitulée
«From Prison To Programming» ^1

^1 : ce qui me rappelle la mission de Code Phenix une association loi 1901, qui selon «ambitionne de remplacer le cercle vicieux de la récidive par un cercle vertueux axé sur la réinsertion professionnelle».



Total lines of code produced / Unit of time

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Total lines of code produced / Unit of time

Everybody should know by now how
This formula certainly is the best measure *ever*
to find all decent and respectable developers in the field.

Altough I'm not sure all of us heard of
Goodhart's law at least once often stated as,

"When a measure becomes a target,
it ceases to be a good measure". 🤔

I also heard a rumor about Bill Gates saying
something along the lines of

"Measuring programming progress by lines of code 
is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight." 😅

Funny, isn't it? Ok, enough quotes for now.

To be fair, let's face it:
Time *is* wasted in our (tech) industry 🤯

There would not be so much literature
nor inspiration from lean manufacturing
and toyota production system otherwise,
or would there?

😰 ➡ Folks around looking nervously at their watch now ⌚

Besides, what about *negative lines of code*? 😅
Should we feel collectively bad about those?
See how that could be illustred in comments section.

In sustainable product development lifecycles,
there are all sorts of chores 🚮 and
when the trash needs to be taken out,
we can't always count on those
who code the fastest nor the most, believe me.
Otherwise, it doesn't always go our way.

I am thankful that Mickaël Andrieu
participated in raising the bar here by expressing
something which might not be as trivial as it may sound.

Publication commented out by former colleague with regard to line of code produced during a day as a measure of productivity or else. There are clear needs for more context here though

Removing lines of code also incidentally forms part of the job description
(in the vein of discussing ideas with customers, shareholders and colleagues 😅).

Long living branch might not be ok,
scheduled releases are arguably more acceptable,
especially when there is less at stake (made invisible to end-users).

In the bottom right corner of the screenshot below, we might be able to see a number of characters in red. Those characters have been removed from a project codebase after a much needed clean up session (results of multiple weeks of work).

This post was published on the 25th of August 2022 on LinkedIn
before being removed after I've realized
some names had not been anonymized.


October Web Developer Fest

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@davinov draw my attention to this TechCrunch article written by @rezendi about being a victim of Developaralysis.

Does it sound familiar to you? It does to me and believe it or not, this weird feeling started to become even more intense with the overall organisation of the ForumPHP 2014 (why referring to this specific event? I guess there should just be one to begin with and also, I'd like to advertise the schedule of these two days).

As a member of the AFUP since 2010 (French organisation of PHP users), I decided to volunteer to join the conference group in March 2014. 

Our job basically consists in putting together the overall sessions schedule.

Things went pretty simple before hearing about a bunch of other events scheduled for the  same week this year...

I've put together a short list, so that you can figure what kind of decision tree, we're positively facing today as a developer living in Paris or in its suburbs for this single 43th week of October

The Python community played it a bit differently 

  • PyconFr, from the 25th to the 28th in Lyon

Let us not forget about the regional meetups, one could attend independently from this year major conferences

Constraint programming might clearly be of help. 

One could argue these events are not attended by the same population but what if they were? Could not they? Should not they?

For all these reasons, I would call this week, the October Web Developer Fest ^_^ 


Assembling views with The Grid

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After reading the Grid FAQ again and again, I still feel uncertain about what really is...
A template engine? Data analytics APIs? Robot swarm? Next (ancient) series of programming paradigms?

I just became what they're calling a "founding member" ( Let us call it a sort of "personal venture" ^_ 

Who said has no real use cases (ouch, the transaction has not yet been confirmed, since blockchain verification takes a bit longer than traditional transations)? 

By the way, there is a very complete presentation of the topic by @paulgreg at Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

doesn't always come free of charge and of course, we're quite far from Mars exploration.

*EDIT* I've added a page about The Grid ( to the project wiki.