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Accessible Music Tech

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Not sure what that means, but it definitely sounds nice :)



À propos de texte alternatifs à des images

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Modernizing 🦉

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This is the first of three announcements,
two more to go:

Good folks I had in mind when writing:

  •  journalists and reporters ✍🏼
  • news readers 📰
  • tech-savvy folks 🧑🏼‍💻

🖖🏼 Hello World 🌐,  

Some might have wondered
why all of a sudden i got so agitated lately 🏃🏼.
Well, it's most likely because I was prepping myself
to make up to three announcements in a seq
(not to be confused with a sec ⏱😝).

1️⃣ First thing first:
these last months,
we've revamped the infrastructure behind a project,
which vision originated with Sylvaine Garderet,
At Twitter 🐦, the project handle is @revue_2_presse

What is it?
➡ A short review of French Media press releases
curated from Twitter and, sorted by popularity.

Bonus: there's a calendar 🗓 for browsing news by date.

The ranking is updated in real-time -
and every 15 min or so depending
on the (dynamic!) laziness of the workers 👷🏼🦿.

Everyday around midnight ⏰,
counters are stopped and
a bot now 🤖 publishes
"most popular" news for the current day as is.
Indeed, manual editions (even slight ones)
were too much of a trouble as I'll explain.

Of course, such definition of most popular
is limited but it does the job just fine
for when one doesn't want
to be buried under tons of articles.

Above now was highlighted in bold  as
the automated publication is brand new.

Before March 2022,

Sylvaine took care of the hard work of

  • publishing daily sorted results from Twitter and
  • picking the most delicate words even

when the news were not that awesome,
not to say bluntly daunting 😰 -
and we literally had to get rid of sources,
which we won't name,
in spite of them reflecting *something*.

They were going too much against
our core beliefs and principles.

So much for the Paradox of Tolerance.
Karl Popper was onto something.

Long story short, we needed to reduce
operational costs 💸 and
as we made significant improvements along the way,
we've seen our bill being cut in half not less 🪓
mostly by refactoring software and
monitoring all the things along the way.
➡ I know someone, ask me about them 😏.

Visitors are welcome as
we don't do cookies ❌🍪,
all tracking links are de-obfuscated
before being served from *our* domain 🔗
and pics embedded in pages 🖼
(making for less round trips to alien servers).

We took this opportunity to create an organization
through which we'll organize future developments
and hopefully figure how to make them sustainable.
(Much to unpack so I'll stop right here 😅)

Behold a shiny new home for contributors: 🎉

In the past, we enjoyed the ride with
Célestin Courdeau, who was responsible for
the project UX and its visual identity.

🔮 We're looking at

  • rewriting progressively our curation engine
    from , , ,
    to ,
    for reducing energy consumption
  • i18n and accessibility 💚,
  • data reuse (under strict Twitter API guidelines compliance)

Datasets have been made available in JSON and PNG format ⬇:

This post was published the first time via LinkedIn on the 9th of August 2022,
before being destroyed by mistake and,
before being published again on LinkedIn the 20th of August 2022.