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Verifying smart-contracts with SafePKT 📡📜🔐🇪🇺

This post was published on the 10th of February 2022 the first time and was referring to
(a ~15 min read)

SafePKT project was implemented in the context of the European NGI LEDGER program (see

Caleb James de LisleÉtienne PayetDavid PearceFausto Spoto and I are very grateful towards the following organizations, projects and people for having trusted us all along the program and until it ended with the final round:

  • the Project Oak maintainers for making Rust Verifications Tools, a dual-licensed open-source project (MIT / Apache).
    The RVT tools allowed us to integrate with industrial-grade verification tools in a very effective way.
  • the KLEE Symbolic Execution Engine maintainers
  • the Rust community at large
  • the JavaScript and NuxtJS community at large
  • The University of Reunion Island and the University of Verona
  • All members of the NGI-Ledger Consortium for accompanying us