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I'm eager to learn more about
CS (Computer Science, not Counter-Strike)
and logic programming in particular.

In the past, I've worked for small-to-medium companies
in the Greater Metropolitan Paris Area 🇫🇷
(and also in Stuttgart 🇩🇪 and Budapest 🇭🇺).

Today, I can provide you with consulting services
as a part-time freelance software developer.





This is me trying to publish a status update from "home" i.e. over to Twitter programmatically. This POSSE ( mechanism has remained broken for so long that i feel kind of late to the party.


Depuis le milieu de la crise sanitaire (pour ceux qui sont en France), j'avais envie d'expérimenter avec la vidéo ou plutôt le son sans trop vraiment savoir par où commencer, ni bien comment m'y prendre non plus d'ailleurs et puis ce matin, j'ai eu une sorte de déclic 💡

En souhaitant régler un problème simple :

Jouer de la musique depuis un terminal avec un moyen de sélectionner les titres depuis un répertoire et me permettant d'effectuer une recherche approximative (*fuzzy-search*).

Voici une première tentative de solution exprimée sous forme d'un article court :
(moins de 3 min de texte à lire en Anglais 🇬🇧)

ainsi que d'une vidéo capturant des actions à l'écran et dans un terminal :
(moins de 5 min de vidéos à voir et à écouter en Anglais 🇬🇧)


I recommend watching the following discussion between Oxblood Ruffin (, Frank Rieger (, Gabriella Coleman ( and Stefania Milan ( about the history and practice of hacktivism :


I've just shared a solution for migrating Piwik from 1.12 to 2.15.0:

Hint: Always read the documentation ...
See also ^_^

P.S. Piwik is an open-source analytics platform,
which can be downloaded from


How to tab between buttons on a OS X dialog box?
Don't use tab key but command key combos instead.

CMD + first letter of button label


@nitot talks about societal & personal risks related to silos, socnets, smartphones at @MozillaParis


A dynamic feature flag system needs context.
* User Information
* Request Information

via @beberlei at


@beberlei is now introducing how generic and reusable feature flags (with Symfony) can be at with examples of payment system.

He referred to

["Flipping out" by Flickr (2009)]( and also
["Feature toggle" by Marting Fowler (2010)](
["Feature Toggles in Symfony" by labs @](


~"I can see this is a developer conference as I'm the only one wearing a jacket"~ via @yoavkutner


[Most important page on The first time experience](
The users / developers should not be bothered by tones of distinct versions even before using the Symfony full-stack framework via @fabpot


Meetup en cours a @numaparis with @bblfish, @cyrillehugues, @jiherr, @kirilind, @roussel_tristan, @SebFalque, @xtof [...]


I'm quite thrilled right now about this evening meetup at Numa about Learning


I've started a project to retrieve articles and tags created by a Pocket user : (work in progress)